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Sharing Ministry Can Help With The Rising Cost of Health Care

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Many Americans feel the pressure of worrying about rising health care costs.  Check out this podcast from America's Natural Doctor to hear about one solution to this problem - a Health Care Sharing Ministry, in which health care costs are shared by members of a group with a common set of ethical or religious beliefs.

Could a Health Care Sharing Ministry be a good solution for you?

Health Care Sharing Ministry

Everyone needs health care, but not everyone needs expensive health insurance.  A Health Care Sharing Ministry - an organization whose members share common beliefs and agree to share medical expenses in accordance with those beliefs - may be a good alternative for you.


"You are what you eat."  Diet and nutrition play an important part in maintaining health.  Many diseases that we see in the developed world today occur because we're overfed and undernourished.  We need to focus as much on "wellness care" as we do on "health care".


Ideally, we'd all eat a balanced diet of nutrition-rich food.  In reality, the stress of daily life and changes in the nutritional content of our food supply, creates a nutrient deficiency. Along with a healthy diet, many people benefit from nutritional supplements to help make the body run as designed.

What Would Jesus Eat?

Live Longer and Feel Healthier

Learn to eat like Jesus did!  Feel healthier, have more energy, and live longer.

In The Disciples’ Diet, find out how eating a diet similar to the one Jesus and his disciples ate can help you:

  • Reduce your risk of modern diseases

  • Augment your vitality and energy

  • Optimize your body composition

  • Reduce brain fog

  • Improve your mood

  • Look and feel younger